Wireshark (old name is Ethereal) is a program that can run in many operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS or Solaris and can analyze all the traffic going to network cards connected to computer. Analyze over 750 protocols Can capture packets and save them to a file.

Logical operators are available for all filtering.

Example: http & ip.src ==
Management Frame: The frame for the connection between the network device and the client.
Control Frame: Controls the integrity of data traffic between the network device and the client.
Data Frame: The frame on which the original data is transferred.

Often used commands
Only to show the outgoing packets from the management frame. wlan.fc.type==0
To show incoming, outgoing packets through control frame. wlan.fc.type==1
To show packets transferred over the data frame. wlan.fc.type==2
Association lists the requests. wlan.fc.type_subtype==0
Association lists the answers. wlan.fc.type_subtype==1
Probe lists requests. wlan.fc.type_subtype==4
Lists the probe responses. wlan.fc.type_subtype==5
Lists Beacon signals / waves. wlan.fc.type_subtype==8
Lists the Authentication requests. wlan.fc.type_subtype==11
Lists deauthentication requests. wlan.fc.type_subtype==12
TCP lists the outgoing packets to the xx port. tcp.port == xx
TCP lists packages with the Source xx port. tcp.srcport == xx
TCP lists packages with a destination xx port. tcp.dstport == xx
UDP lists the outgoing packets to the xx port. udp.port == xx
UDP lists packets with a destination xx port. udp.srcport == xx
UDP lists packages that have the Source xx port. udp.dstport == xx
Lists the HTTP Get requests. http.request
Lists packages for the source or destination mac address. wlan.addr == MAC-Address
The source lists packages that have a mac address. wlan.sa == MAC-Address
Lists packages that have a target mac address. wlan.da == MAC-Address
To view only DHCP traffic.
DHCP uses BOOTP as its transport protocol.
udp.port == 68