RUN Commands

Windows RUN Shortcuts

Type of CommandCanonical NameCommandKeywordOS
Control Panel Applet, Accessibility Optionscontrol access.cplcplXP
Control Panel AppletAction Centercontrol /name Microsoft.ActionCentercpl8, 7
Control Panel AppleRecent Messagescontrol wscui.cplcpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletAdd Features to Windows 8control /name Microsoft.WindowsAnytimeUpgradecplWin8
Control Panel AppletAdd Hardwarecontrol /name Microsoft.AddHardwarecplVista
Control Panel AppletDevice Manager (W10)control hdwwiz.cplcplXP
Control Panel AppletAdd or Remove Programscontrol appwiz.cplcplXP
Control Panel AppletAdministrative Toolscontrol /name Microsoft.AdministrativeToolscpl10, 8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletAdministrative Toolscontrol admintoolscpl10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletAutomatic Updatescontrol wuaucpl.cplcplXP
Control Panel AppletAutoPlaycontrol /name Microsoft.AutoPlaycpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletBackup and Restore Centercontrol /name Microsoft.BackupAndRestoreCentercplVista
Control Panel AppletBackup and Restorecontrol /name Microsoft.BackupAndRestorecpl7
Control Panel AppletBiometric Devicescontrol /name Microsoft.BiometricDevicescpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletBitLocker Drive Encryptioncontrol /name Microsoft.BitLockerDriveEncryptioncpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletBluetooth Devicescontrol bthprops.cpl 13cpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletBluetooth Devicescontrol /name Microsoft.BluetoothDevicescplVista
Control Panel AppletColor Managementcontrol /name Microsoft.ColorManagementcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletColor 1WinColor.exe 2cplXP
Control Panel AppletCredential Managercontrol /name Microsoft.CredentialManagercpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletClient Service for NetWarecontrol nwc.cplcplXP
Control Panel AppletDate and Timecontrol /name Microsoft.DateAndTimecpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletDate and Timecontrol timedate.cplcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletDate and Timecontrol date/timecpl8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletDefault Locationcontrol /name Microsoft.DefaultLocationcplWin7
Control Panel AppletDefault Programscontrol /name Microsoft.DefaultProgramscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletDesktop Gadgetscontrol /name Microsoft.DesktopGadgetscplWin7
Control Panel AppletDevice Managercontrol /name Microsoft.DeviceManagercpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletDevice Managercontrol hdwwiz.cplcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletDevice Managerdevmgmt.mscmsc8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletDevices and Printerscontrol /name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinterscpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletDevices and Printerscontrol printerscpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletDisplaycontrol /name Microsoft.Displaycpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletDisplaycontrol desk.cplcpl10, XP
Control Panel AppletSetting Backgroundcontrol desktopcpl10, XP
Control Panel AppletEase of Access Centercontrol /name Microsoft.EaseOfAccessCentercpl10, 8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletEase of Access Centercontrol access.cplcpl10, 8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletFamily Safetycontrol /name Microsoft.ParentalControlscplWin8
Control Panel AppletFile Historycontrol /name Microsoft.FileHistorycplWin8
Control Panel AppletFlash Player Settings Managercontrol flashplayercplapp.cplcplWin8
Control Panel AppletFolder Optionscontrol /name Microsoft.FolderOptionscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletFile Explorer Optionscontrol folderscpl8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletFontscontrol /name Microsoft.Fontscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletFontscontrol fontscpl8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletGame Controllerscontrol /name Microsoft.GameControllerscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletGame Controllercontrol joy.cplcpl10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletGet Programscontrol /name Microsoft.GetProgramscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletGetting Startedcontrol /name Microsoft.GettingStartedcplWin7
Control Panel AppletHome Groupcontrol /name Microsoft.HomeGroupcpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletIndexing Optionscontrol /name Microsoft.IndexingOptionscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletIndexing options (W10)rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL srchadmin.dllcpl8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletInfraredcontrol /name Microsoft.Infraredcpl10, 8, 7
Control Panel AppletInfraredcontrol irprops.cplcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletInfraredcontrol /name Microsoft.InfraredOptionscplVista
Control Panel AppletInternet Optionscontrol /name Microsoft.InternetOptionscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletInternet Optionscontrol inetcpl.cplcpl8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletiSCSI Initiatorcontrol /name Microsoft.iSCSIInitiatorcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletKeyboardcontrol /name Microsoft.Keyboardcpl10, 8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletKeyboardcontrol keyboardcpl10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletLanguagecontrol /name Microsoft.Languagecpl10, 8
Control Panel AppletLocation and Other Sensorscontrol /name Microsoft.LocationAndOtherSensorscpl10, 7
Control Panel AppletLocation Settingscontrol /name Microsoft.LocationSettingscplWin8
Control Panel AppletMail 4control mlcfg32.cpl 5cpl8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletMousecontrol /name Microsoft.Mousecpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletMousecontrol main.cplcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletMousecontrol mousecpl8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletNetwork and Sharing Centercontrol /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCentercpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletNetwork Connectionscontrol ncpa.cplcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletNetwork Connectionscontrol netconnectionscpl8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletNetwork Setup Wizardcontrol netsetup.cplcpl8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletNotification Area Iconscontrol /name Microsoft.NotificationAreaIconscpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletODBC Data Source Administratorcontrol odbccp32.cplcplXP
Control Panel AppletOffline Filescontrol /name Microsoft.OfflineFilescpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletParental Controlscontrol /name Microsoft.ParentalControlscpl7, Vista
Control Panel AppletPen and Input Devicescontrol /name Microsoft.PenAndInputDevicescplVista
Control Panel AppletPen and Input Devicescontrol tabletpc.cplcplVista
Control Panel AppletPen and Touchcontrol /name Microsoft.PenAndTouchcpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletPen and Touchcontrol tabletpc.cplcpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletPeople Near Mecontrol /name Microsoft.PeopleNearMecpl7, Vista
Control Panel AppletPeople Near Mecontrol collab.cplcpl7, Vista
Control Panel AppletPerformance Information and Toolscontrol /name Microsoft.PerformanceInformationAndToolscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletPersonalizationcontrol /name Microsoft.Personalizationcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletPersonalizationcontrol desktopcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletPhone and Modem Optionscontrol /name Microsoft.PhoneAndModemOptionscplVista
Control Panel AppletPhone and Modem Optionscontrol telephon.cplcplVista, XP
Control Panel AppletPhone and Modemcontrol /name Microsoft.PhoneAndModemcpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletPhone and Modemcontrol telephon.cplcpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletPower Optionscontrol /name Microsoft.PowerOptionscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletPower Optionscontrol powercfg.cplcpl8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletPrinters and Faxescontrol printerscplXP
Control Panel AppletPrinterscontrol /name Microsoft.PrinterscplVista
Control Panel AppletPrinterscontrol printerscplVista
Control Panel AppletProblem Reports and Solutionscontrol /name Microsoft.ProblemReportsAndSolutionscplVista
Control Panel AppletPrograms and Featurescontrol /name Microsoft.ProgramsAndFeaturescpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletPrograms and Featurescontrol appwiz.cplcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletRecoverycontrol /name Microsoft.Recoverycpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletRegioncontrol /name Microsoft.RegionAndLanguagecplWin8
Control Panel AppletRegioncontrol intl.cplcplWin8
Control Panel AppletRegioncontrol internationalcplWin8
Control Panel AppletRegion and Languagecontrol /name Microsoft.RegionAndLanguagecplWin7
Control Panel AppletRegion and Languagecontrol intl.cplcplWin7
Control Panel AppletRegion and Languagecontrol internationalcplWin7
Control Panel AppletRegional and Language Optionscontrol /name Microsoft.RegionalAndLanguageOptionscplVista
Control Panel AppletRegional and Language Optionscontrol intl.cplcplVista
Control Panel AppletRegional and Language Optionscontrol internationalcplVista, XP
Control Panel AppletRemoteApp and Desktop Connectionscontrol /name Microsoft.RemoteAppAndDesktopConnectionscpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletScanners and Camerascontrol /name Microsoft.ScannersAndCamerascpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletScanners and Camerascontrol sticpl.cplcplXP
Control Panel AppletScheduled Taskscontrol schedtaskscplXP
Control Panel AppletScreen Resolutioncontrol desk.cplcpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletSecurity Centercontrol /name Microsoft.SecurityCentercplVista
Control Panel AppletSecurity Centercontrol wscui.cplcplXP
Control Panel AppletSoftware Explorers 8msascui.exe 9cplXP
Control Panel AppletSoundcontrol /name Microsoft.Soundcpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletSoundcontrol /name Microsoft.AudioDevicesAndSoundThemescplVista
Control Panel AppletSoundcontrol mmsys.cplcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletSounds and Audio Devicescontrol mmsys.cplcplXP
Control Panel AppletSpeech Recognition Optionscontrol /name Microsoft.SpeechRecognitionOptionscplVista
Control Panel AppletSpeech Recognitioncontrol /name Microsoft.SpeechRecognitioncpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletSpeechcontrol sapi.cpl 10cplXP
Control Panel AppletStorage Spacescontrol /name Microsoft.StorageSpacescplWin8
Control Panel AppletSync Centercontrol /name Microsoft.SyncCentercpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletSystemcontrol /name Microsoft.Systemcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletSystem Propertiescontrol sysdm.cplcpl7, XP
Control Panel AppletSystem Propertiescontrol sysdm.cplcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletTablet PC Settingscontrol /name Microsoft.TabletPCSettingscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletTask Scheduler 7control schedtaskscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletTaskbarcontrol /name Microsoft.Taskbarcpl10, 8
Control Panel AppletTaskbarrundll32.exe shell32.dll,Options_RunDLL 1cplWin8
Control Panel AppletTaskbar and Start Menucontrol /name Microsoft.TaskbarAndStartMenucpl7, Vista
Control Panel AppletTaskbar and Start Menurundll32.exe shell32.dll,Options_RunDLL 1cpl7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletText to Speechcontrol /name Microsoft.TextToSpeechcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletTroubleshootingcontrol /name Microsoft.Troubleshootingcpl8, 7
Control Panel AppletUser Accountscontrol /name Microsoft.UserAccountscpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletUser Accountscontrol userpasswords control userpasswords2cpl8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletWelcome Centercontrol /name Microsoft.WelcomeCentercplVista
Control Panel AppletWindows 7 File Recoverycontrol /name Microsoft.BackupAndRestorecplWin8
Control Panel AppletWindows Anytime Upgradecontrol /name Microsoft.WindowsAnytimeUpgradecpl7, Vista
Control Panel AppletWindows CardSpacecontrol /name Microsoft.CardSpacecpl7, Vista
Control Panel AppletWindows CardSpacecontrol infocardcpl.cplcpl7, Vista
Control Panel AppletWindows Defendercontrol /name Microsoft.WindowsDefendercpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletWindows Firewallcontrol /name Microsoft.WindowsFirewallcpl8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletWindows Firewallcontrol firewall.cplcpl10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Control Panel AppletWindows Marketplacecontrol /name Microsoft.GetProgramsOnlinecplVista only
Control Panel AppletWindows Mobility Centercontrol /name Microsoft.MobilityCentercpl10, 8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletWindows Sidebar Propertiescontrol /name Microsoft.WindowsSidebarPropertiescplVista only
Control Panel AppletWindows SideShowcontrol /name Microsoft.WindowsSideShowcpl8,7, Vista only
Control Panel AppletWindows Updatecontrol /name Microsoft.WindowsUpdatecpl10, 8, 7, Vista
Control Panel AppletWireless Link, Infraredcontrol irprops.cplcpl10, XP
ExecutableAccessibility OptionsutilmanexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableAdd Hardware WizardhdwwizexeWin7, 8, 10
Control Panel Applet(Add New Programs)control appwiz.cpl,,1cplWin7, 8, 10
Control Panel Applet(Add Remove Windows Components)control appwiz.cpl,,2cplWin7, 8, 10
Control Panel Applet(Set Program Access & Defaults )control appwiz.cpl,,3cplWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableAdvanced User Accounts Control PanelnetplwizexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleAuthorization Managerazman.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableAutomatic Updatecontrol wuaucpl.cplexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableBackup and Restore UtilitysdcltexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableBluetooth Transfer WizardfsquirtexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableCalculatorcalcexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleCertificate Managercertmgr.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableCharacter MapcharmapexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableCheck Disk UtilitychkdskexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableClear Type (tune or turn off)cttuneexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableColor ManagementcolorcplexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableCommand PromptcmdexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableComponent ServicesdcomcnfgexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleComponent Servicescomexp.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableComputer ManagementCompMgmtLauncher.exeexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleComputer Managementcompmgmt.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableControl PanelcontrolexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableCredential (passwords) Backup and Restore WizardcredwizexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableData Execution PreventionSystemPropertiesDataExecutionPreventionexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDate and Time Propertiestimedate.cplexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDevice Pairing WizardDevicePairingWizardexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDigitizer Calibration Tool (Tablets/Touch screens)tabcalexeWin7, 8, 10
Control Panel AppletDirect X Control Panel (if installed)directx.cplcplWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDirect X TroubleshooterdxdiagexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDisk Cleanup UtilitycleanmgrexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDisk DefragmenterdfrguiexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDisk DefragmenterdefragexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleDisk Managementdiskmgmt.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDisk Partition ManagerdiskpartexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDisplay Color CalibrationdccwexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDisplay DPI / Text sizedpiscalingexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDisplay Properties (Themes, Desktop, Screensaver)control desktopexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDisplay Properties (Resolution, Orientation)desk.cplexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDisplay Properties (Color & Appearance)control colorexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDocuments (open 'My Documents' folder)documentsexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDownloads (open 'Downloads' folder)downloadsexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDriver Verifier UtilityverifierexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDVD PlayerdvdplayexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableEdit Environment Variablesrundll32.exe sysdm.cpl,EditEnvironmentVariablesexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableEncrypting File System Wizard (EFS)rekeywizexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleEvent Viewereventvwr.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableFile Signature Verification Tool (Device drivers)sigverifexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableFiles and Settings Transfer Tool%systemroot%\system32\migwiz\migwiz.exeexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableFolders Propertiescontrol foldersexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableFonts listcontrol fontsexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableFont previewfontview arial.ttfexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableGame Controllersjoy.cplexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleLocal Group Policy Editorgpedit.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableInternet Propertiesinetcpl.cplexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableIP ConfigurationipconfigexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableiSCSI Initiator configurationiscsicplexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableKeyboard Propertiescontrol keyboardexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableLanguage Pack InstallerlpksetupexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleLocal Security Policysecpol.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableLog outlogoffexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableMicrosoft Malicious Software Removal ToolmrtexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableMicrosoft Management ConsolemmcexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableAccess (Microsoft Office)msaccessexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableExcel (Microsoft Office)ExcelexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutablePowerpoint (Microsoft Office)powerpntexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWord (Microsoft Office)winwordexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableMicrosoft PaintmspaintexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableMicrosoft Support Diagnostic ToolmsdtexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableProjector: Connect to Network ProjectornetprojexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableProjector: Switch projector displaydisplayswitchexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableNotepadnotepadexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableODBC Data Source AdminC:\windows\system32\odbcad32.exeexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableDefault ODBC driver: 32-bit ODBC driver under 64-bit platformC:\windows\sysWOW64\odbcad32.exeexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableODBC configuration - Install/configure MDAC driversodbcconfexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableOn Screen KeyboardoskexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableOOB Getting StartedgettingstartedexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutablePassword - Create a Windows Password Reset Disk (USB)"C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe" keymgr.dll,PRShowSaveWizardExWexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consolePerformance Monitorperfmon.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutablePhone DialerdialerexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutablePresentation SettingsPresentationSettingsexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableProblem Steps RecorderpsrexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableProgram Access and Computer Defaults - browser / email / mediacomputerdefaultsexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutablePrinters and Faxescontrol printersexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consolePrint ManagementPrintManagement.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutablePrinter Migration (backup/restore)printbrmui and printbrm.exeexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutablePrinter user interface (List all printui.dll options)printuiexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutablePrivate Character EditoreudceditexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableRegional Settings - Language, Date/Time format, keyboard locale.intl.cplexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableRegistry EditorregeditexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableRemote AssistancemsraexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableRemote DesktopmstscexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableResource MonitorresmonexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleResultant Set of Policyrsop.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSettings (Windows 10)ms-settings:exeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableScheduled Taskscontrol schedtasksexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableScreenshot Snipping ToolsnippingtoolexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleServicesservices.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableShared Folder WizardshrpubwexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleShared Foldersfsmgmt.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableShut Down WindowsshutdownexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableEXAMPLE: Immediately
Restart immediately
Abort shutdown/restart countdown
shutdown /s /t 0
shutdown /r /t 0
shutdown /a
exeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSoftware Licensing/ActivationsluiexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSound RecordersoundrecorderexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSound VolumesndvolexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSyncronization Tool (Offline files)mobsyncexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleSystem Configuration UtilitymsconfigmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSystem File Checker Utility (Scan/Purge)sfcexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSystem Informationmsinfo32exeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSystem Properties - PerformanceSystemPropertiesPerformanceexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSystem Properties - HardwareSystemPropertiesHardwareexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSystem Properties - AdvancedSystemPropertiesAdvancedexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSystem Repair - Create a System Repair DiscrecdiscexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableSystem RestorerstruiexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableTask ManagertaskmgrexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleTask Schedulertaskschd.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableTelnet ClienttelnetexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableTrusted Platform Module Initialization WizardtpmInitexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableUser Accounts (Autologon)control userpasswords2exeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableUser Account Control (UAC) SettingsUserAccountControlSettingsexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableUser Profiles - Edit/Change typeC:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe sysdm.cpl,EditUserProfilesexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows Disc Image Burning Toolisoburn C:\movies\madmax.isoexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows Explorerexplorer.exeexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows FeaturesoptionalfeaturesexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows Firewallfirewall.cplexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleWindows Firewall with Advanced Securitywf.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows Image Acquisition (scanner)wiaacmgrexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows MagnifiermagnifyexeWin7, 8, 10
Management consoleWindows Management Infrastructurewmimgmt.mscmscWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows Memory Diagnostic SchedulermdschedexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows Mobility Center (Mobile PCs only)mblctrexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows PowerShellpowershellexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows PowerShell ISEpowershell_iseexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows Security Action Centerwscui.cplexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows Script Host(VBScript)wscript NAME_OF_SCRIPT.VBSexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows System Security Tool. Encrypt the SAM database. (boot password.)syskeyexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows UpdatewuappexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows Update Standalone InstallerwusaexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWindows Version (About Windows)winverexeWin7, 8, 10
ExecutableWordPadwriteexeWin7, 8, 10
DeprecatedMicrosoft.BackupAndRestoreCenter/Microsoft.BackupAndRestoreremoved in Win 8
DeprecatedMicrosoft.CardSpaceremoved in Win 8
DeprecatedMicrosoft.DesktopGadgetsremoved in Win 8
DeprecatedMicrosoft.GetProgramsOnlineremoved in Win 7
DeprecatedMicrosoft.PeopleNearMeremoved in Win 8.1
DeprecatedMicrosoft.PerformanceInformationAndToolsremoved in Win 8.1
DeprecatedMicrosoft.WindowsSidebarPropertiesremoved in Win 8.1
DeprecatedMicrosoft.WindowsSideShowremoved in Win 8.1
commandrunasrunas /user:administrator controlfull commandWin 10
commandView IP confignetsh interface ip show configfull commandWin 10
commandConfigure interface 'Local Area Connection' with [IPaddr] [Netmask] [DefaultGW]netsh interface ip set address local static [IPaddr] [Netmask] [DefaultGW] 1full commandWin 10
commandConfigure DNS server for 'Local Area Connection'netsh interface ip set dns local static [IPaddr]full commandWin 10
commandConfigure interface to use DHCPnetsh interface ip set address local dhcpfull commandWin 10
commandTurn off built-in Windows firewallnetsh firewall set opmode disablefull commandWin 10
variableC:\ProgramDataALLUSERSPROFILEvariableWin 10
variableC:\Users\{username}\AppData\RoamingAPPDATAvariableWin 10
variableThe current directory (string)CDvariableWin 10
regAdd a key to the registry on machine [TargetIPaddr] within the registry domain [RegDomain] to location [Key].reg add [\\TargetIPaddr\] [RegDomain]\[Key]RegeditWin 10
regExport all subkeys and values located in the domain [RegDomain] under the location [Key] to the file [FileName]reg export [RegDomain]\[Key] [FileName]RegeditWin 10
regImport all registry entries from the file [FileName]reg import [FileName]RegeditWin 10
regQuery for a specific Value of a Key:reg query [\\TargetIPaddr\][RegDomain]\[Key] /v [ValueName]regeditWin 10
wmicUseful [aliases]:
qfe (Quick Fix Engineering – shows patches)
wmic [alias] [where clause] [verb clause]wmicWin 10
wmicExample[where clauses]:where name="nc.exe"where (commandline like "%stuff")where (name="cmd.exe" and parentprocessid!="[pid]")wmicWin 10
wmicExample [verb clauses]:list [full|brief]get [attrib1,attrib2...]call [method]deletewmicWin 10
wmicList all attributes of [alias]wmic [alias] get /?wmicWin 10
wmicList all callable methods of [alias]wmic [alias] call /?wmicWin 10
wmicEXAMPLE: List all attributes of all running processeswmic process list fullwmicWin 10
wmicEXAMPLE: Make WMIC effect remote [TargetIPaddr]wmic /node:[TargetIPaddr] /user:[User] /password:[Passwd] process list fullwmicWin 10
ExecutableList all processes currently runningtasklistprocessWin 10
ExecutableList all processes currently running and the DLLs each has loadedtasklist /mprocessWin 10
ExecutableLists all processes currently running which have the specified [dll] loadedtasklist /m [dll]processWin 10
ExecutableList all processes currently running and the services hosted in those processestasklist /svcprocessWin 10
ExecutableQuery brief status of all servicessc queryservicesWin 10
ExecutableQuery the configuration of a specific servicesc qc [ServiceName]servicesWin 10
ExecutableShow all TCP and UDP port usage and process IDnetstat -anetworkWin 10
ExecutableTo list out only tcp connectionsnetstat -tnetworkWin 11
ExecutableListing all LISTENING Connectionsnetstat -lnetworkWin 12
ExecutableLook for usage of port [port] every [N] secondsnetstat -ano [N] | find [port]networkWin 10
ExecutableDump detailed protocol statisticsnetstat -ano -p [tcp|udp|ip|icmp]networkWin 10
commandSearch directory structure for a file in a specific directorydir /b /s [Directory]\[FileName]cplWin 10
commandCount the number of lines on StandardOuy of [Command][Command] | find /c /v ""cplWin 10
commandCounting Loop;
Set %i to an initial value of [start] and increment it by [step] at every iteration until its value is equal to [stop]. For each iteration, run [command]. The iterator variable %i can be used anywhere in the command to represent its current value
for /L %i in ([start],[step],[stop]) do [command]cplWin 10
commandIterate over file contents;
Iterate through the contents of the file on a line-by-line basis. For each iteration, store the contents of the line into %i and run [command]
for /F %i in ([file-set]) do [command]commandWin 10
Control Panel AppletLocal User Manager (includes group management)lusrmgr.msccommandWin 10
Shell CommandAccesses the account pictures folder you have in your Windows 10
Shell CommandAdds a new program
Shell CommandAccesses administrative tools ToolsshellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses AppData folder in the Windows 10
Shell CommandAccesses Application Shortcuts ShortcutsshellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses the Apps
Shell CommandAccesses the Apps updates
Shell CommandAccesses the Cache
Shell CommandAccess camera roll RollshellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses the temporary burn BurningshellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses the Remove/Change program
Shell CommandAccesses the Administrative Tools Administrative ToolsshellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses the Common AppData AppDatashellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses the public desktop DesktopshellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses Public Documents DocumentsshellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses Programs ProgramsshellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses the start menu Start MenushellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses Startup folder situated in t he Windows 10 StartupshellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses “Common Templates” TemplatesshellWin10
Shell CommandAccesses Downloads
Shell CommandAccesses the music
Shell CommandAccesses “Pictures”
Shell CommandAccesses the ringtones
Shell CommandAccesses the public Video
Shell CommandAccesses the Conflict folder in the Windows 10
Shell CommandOpens up the connections foldershell:ConnectionsFoldershellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the Contact foldershell:ContactsshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the Control panel
Shell CommandOpens the Cookies
Shell CommandOpens the Credential manager
Shell CommandOpens up the Crypto keys foldershell:CryptoKeysshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the CSC
Shell CommandOpens up the Desktop
Shell CommandOpens the metadata store Metadata StoreshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the Documents Library foldershell:DocumentsLibraryshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the Downloads foldershell:DownloadsshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the DpapiKeys foldershell:DpapiKeysshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the Favorites
Shell CommandOpens the Fonts
Shell CommandOpens the Games
Shell CommandOpens the Game Tasks foldershell:GameTasksshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the History foldershell:HistoryshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the HomeGroup folder for the current
Shell CommandOpens HomeGroup
Shell CommandOpens the Implicit Apps shortcut
Shell CommandOpens Internet
Shell CommandOpens Libraries
Shell CommandOpens the Links
Shell CommandOpens Local AppData AppDatashellWin10
Shell CommandOpens Local AppDataLow
Shell CommandOpens LocalizedResources
Shell CommandOpens MAPI
Shell CommandOpens LusicLibrary
Shell CommandOpens My Music MusicshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens My Video VideoshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens MyComputer
Shell CommandOpens NetHood
Shell CommandOpens NetworkPlaces
Shell CommandOpens OEM Links LinksshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens OneDrive folder in Windows 10shell:OneDriveshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens Original Images ImagesshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens Personal
Shell CommandOpens PhotoAlbums
Shell Commandopens PicturesLibrary
Shell CommandOpens Playlists
Shell CommandOpens Printer
Shell CommandOpens PrintHood
Shell CommandOpens Profile
Shell CommandOpens ProgramFiles
Shell CommandOpens ProgramFilesCommon
Shell CommandOpens ProgramFilesCommonX64
Shell CommandOpens ProgramFilesCommonX86
Shell CommandOpens ProgramFilesX64
Shell CommandOpens ProgramFilesX86
Shell CommandOpens Programs
Shell CommandOpens Public
Shell CommandOpens PublicAccountPictures
Shell CommandOpens PublicGameTasks
Shell CommandOpens PublicLibraries
Shell CommandOpens Quick Launch LaunchshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens up recent items foldershell:RecentshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens up recorder file in the Windows 10 systemshell:RecordedTVLibraryshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the system Recycle Bin foldershell:RecycleBinFoldershellWin10
Shell CommandOpens up the Resource foldershell:ResourceDirshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens up Demo foldershell:Retail DemoshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens up the Ringtones folder in Windows 10shell:RingtonesshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens up the Roamed Tile images foldershell:Roamed Tile ImagesshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the Roaming Tiles foldershell:Roaming TilesshellWin10
Shell CommandIt opens the SavedGames folder you have in the Windows 10 systemshell:SavedGamesshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the Screenshots foldershell:ScreenshotsshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the Search
Shell CommandOpens the Search History folder you have in the
Shell CommandOpens the Search Home
Shell CommandOpens the Search templates
Shell CommandOpens the SendTo
Shell CommandOpens the SkyDriveCameraRoll
Shell CommandOpens the SkyDriveMusic
Shell CommandOpens the SkyDrivePictures
Shell CommandOpens up the Start menu MenushellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the AllPrograms folder you have in the start
Shell CommandOpens the Startup
Shell CommandOpens the SyncCenter
Shell CommandOpens the SyncResults
Shell Commandopens the SyncSetup
Shell CommandOpens the System
Shell CommandOpens the SystemCertificates
Shell CommandOpens SystemX86
Shell CommandOpens the Templates
Shell CommandOpens the ThisPCDesktop
Shell CommandOpens User pinned PinnedshellWin10
Shell CommandOpens the user profiles
Shell CommandOpens Program Files
Shell CommandOpens Program Files Common
Shell CommandOpens the Files folder from a specific user you are logged in
Shell CommandOpens the Libraries folder for a specific
Shell CommandOpens Video library
Shell CommandOpens the "Windows"
Key ShortcutClose GUI windowsALT+F4shortcutWin 10
OpenSSLCreate new Private Key and Certificate Signing Requestreq -out geekflare.csr -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout geekflare.keyOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLCreate a Self-Signed Certificate (dafault 30 days)openssl req -x509 -sha256 -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout gfselfsigned.key -out gfcert.pemOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLCreate a Self-Signed Certificate (for 2 years)openssl req -x509 -sha256 -nodes -days 730 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout gfselfsigned.key -out gfcert.pemOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLPrint certificate’s fingerprint as md5, sha1, sha256 digestopenssl x509 -in cert.pem -fingerprint -sha256 -nooutOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLVerify CSR fileopenssl req -noout -text -in geekflare.csrOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLCreate RSA Private Key (2048-bis is secure enough)openssl genrsa -out private.key 2048OpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLRemove Passphrase from Keyopenssl rsa -in certkey.key -out nopassphrase.keyOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLPrint public key or modulus onlyopenssl rsa -in example.key -puboutOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLPrint textual representation of RSA keyopenssl rsa -in example.key -text -nooutOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLCheck your private key.openssl rsa -check -in example.keyOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLEncrypt existing private key with a passphraseopenssl rsa -des3 -in example.key -out example_with_pass.keyOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLVerify Private Keyopenssl rsa -in certkey.key –checkOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLVerify Certificate Fileopenssl x509 -in certfile.pem -text –nooutOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLVerify the Certificate Signer Authorityopenssl x509 -in certfile.pem -noout -issuer -issuer_hashOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLCheck Hash Value of A Certificateopenssl x509 -noout -hash -in bestflare.pemOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLConvert DER to PEM formatopenssl x509 –inform der –in sslcert.der –out sslcert.pemOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLConvert PEM to DER formatopenssl x509 –outform der –in sslcert.pem –out sslcert.derOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLConvert Certificate and Private Key to PKCS#12 formatopenssl pkcs12 –export –out sslcert.pfx –inkey key.pem –in sslcert.pemOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLConvert Certificate and Private Key to PKCS#12 format including chainsopenssl pkcs12 –export –out sslcert.pfx –inkey key.pem –in sslcert.pem -chain cacert.pemOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLCreate CSR using an existing private keyopenssl req –out certificate.csr –key existing.key –newOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLCheck contents of PKCS12 format certopenssl pkcs12 –info –nodes –in cert.p12OpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLConvert PKCS12 format to PEM certificateopenssl pkcs12 –in cert.p12 –out cert.pemOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLCombine several certificates in PKCS7 (P7B)openssl crl2pkcs7 -nocrl -certfile child.crt -certfile ca.crt -out example.p7bOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLCombine a PEM and a private key to PKCS#12 (.pfx .p12) + chainsopenssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey privkey.pem -in certificate.pem -certfile ca-chain.pemOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLConvert a PKCS#12 file (.pfx .p12) back to PEM (for export)openssl pkcs12 -in keystore.pfx -out keystore.pem -nodesOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLList available EC curves supported in OpenSSLopenssl ecparam -list_curvesOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLTest SSL certificate of particular URLopenssl s_client -connect –showcertsOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLFind out OpenSSL versionopenssl versionOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLList cipher suitesopenssl ciphers -vOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLCheck PEM File Certificate Expiration Dateopenssl x509 -noout -in certificate.pem -datesOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLCheck Certificate Expiration Date of SSL URLopenssl s_client -connect 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -noout –enddateOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLSSL check if SSL3 is accepted on URLopenssl s_client -connect -ssl2OpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLSSL check if SSL3 is accepted on URLopenssl s_client -connect –ssl3OpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLSSL check if TLS1 is accepted on URLopenssl s_client -connect –tls1OpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLSSL check if TLS1.1 is accepted on URLopenssl s_client -connect –tls1_1OpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLSSL check if TLS1.2 is accepted on URLopenssl s_client -connect –tls1_2OpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLVerify if the particular cipher is accepted on URLopenssl s_client -cipher 'ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-SHA' -connect secureurl:443OpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLConnect to a server and show full certificate chainopenssl s_client -showcerts -host -port 443 OpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLOverride SN when multiple secure sites are hosted on same IPopenssl s_client -servername -host -port 443OpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLMeasure SSL connection time with session reuseopenssl s_time -connect -newOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLMeasure SSL connection time without session reuseopenssl s_time -connect -reuseOpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLMeasure speed of security algorithms, rsaopenssl speed rsa2048OpenSSLWin and Unix
OpenSSLMeasure speed of security algorithms, ecdsapopenssl speed ecdsap256OpenSSLWin and Unix
openssl, curlExamine TCP and SSL handshake times using curlcurl -kso /dev/null -w "tcp:%{time_connect}, ssldone:%{time_appconnect}\n" https://example.comOpenSSLWin and Unix
curlCheck URLcurl and Unix
curlstore the output of URL in a filecurl -o website and Unix
curlDownload filescurl -O and Unix
curlDownload with different namecurl -o and Unix
curlFetch Multiple Files at a timecurl -O URL1 -O URL2cURLWin and Unix
curlGet HTTP header informationcurl -I http://domain.comcURLWin and Unix
curlGet HTTP only response header informationcurl -i and Unix
curlAccess an FTP servercurl --user username:passwordcURLWin and Unix
curldownload files via FTPcurl --user username:passwordcURLWin and Unix
curlupload a file onto the FTP server:curl -T filename.extension --user username:passwordcURLWin and Unix
curlFollow HTTP Location Headers with -L optioncurl -L and Unix
curlContinue/Resume a Previous Downloadcurl -O and Unix
curlLimit the Rate of Data Transfercurl --limit-rate 1000B -O and Unix
curlDownload only if modified before/aftercurl -z 01-Jan-19 and Unix
curlPass HTTP Authentication in cURLcurl -u username:password URLcURLWin and Unix
curlMore info Verbose and Trace Optioncurl -v http://google.comcURLWin and Unix
curlSend Mail using SMTP Protocolcurl --mail-from --mail-rcpt smtp://mailserver.comcURLWin and Unix
curlPerform an HTTP POST requestcurl -X GET and Unix
curlPerform an HTTP PUT requestcurl -X PUT and Unix
curlView External IPcurl
digView External IPdig +short @resolver1.opendns.comUnix
nslookupView External IPnslookup resolver1.opendns.comnslookupWin
.Net Version checkView .Net version - Navigate to latest folder\%windir%\Microsoft.NET\FrameWork then .\MSBuild.exe -versionMSBuild.exe -versionWin
mstscFull-screen mode
Admin mode
Matches with local desktop
Matches to to the Client Layout
Edit before running
Switches RDP full or windowed mode
Forces rdp full-screen
Take screenshot pf active rdp window
Reboot remote computer
Take screenshot of entire rdp
mstsc /f
mstsc /admin
mstsc /span
mstsc /multimon
mstsc /edit “connection file”
Ctrl + Alt + Pause
Ctrl + Alt + Break
Ctrl + Alt + Minus
Ctrl + Alt + Plus
Ctrl + Alt + End
Rdp Commands
net viewDisplay a list of computers
List the File/Printer shares on a remote PC
List the shares including hidden shares
List all the shares in the domain
net view
NET VIEW \\ComputerName
NET VIEW \\ComputerName /All
net sharemanage file/printer sharesNET SHARE sharename /DELETE
NET SHARE devicename /DELETE
NET SHARE drive:path /DELETE
net share /del *
net useconnect to a file share (Drive MAP).
Make all future connections persistent
Disconnect from a share
Map a drive using alternate credentials - prompt for pass
NET USE F: \\ComputerName\ShareName /PERSISTENT:YES
NET USE [driveletter:] /DELETE
NET USE G: \\Server\Share1 /USER:domain\username
net accountsAdjust account settingsnet accounts
[/FORCELOGOFF:{minutes | NO}]
[/UNIQUEPW:number] [/DOMAIN]