If you’re new to bitcoin you’re likely to be a target for scammers, scammers will offer you the following:

  1. A bot that earns bitcoin
  2. Mobile or Cloud Mining
  3. Ask you to help them recover funds
  4. Asked to deposit funds in order to withdrawl funds
  5. Ask you to deposit bitcoin to earn Interest
  6. Ask you to deposit to double your bitcoin
  7. A trading platform that will trade for you


If you lose funds you will likey be private messaged by another scammer offering to recover your funds for a fee (This is also a scam)
All of these are scams & there is NO EXCEPTION to the rule just your belief in getting rich quickly which will leave you with less money than you have now.
If you want bitcoin the only way to get it, is to buy it from a reputable exchange in your country! not from some stranger off the internet
Daily we see people get scammed, you are not an exception to the rule, be smart and read more

Learn To Trade – Here are some helpful tips to get you started

Where to Buy/Trade

Websites for Charting

Training YouTube Videos [@MrJozza]

Crypto Trading Terms

ASHDRAKED = Lost all your money
BOGDANOFF = The market makers
BEAR/BEARISH = Price negative
BULL/BULLISH = Price positive
DILDO = Large green or red candle
DYOR = Do Your Own Research
FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out
FUD = Fear Uncertainty & Doubt
HODL = Holding a position
JOMO = Joy Of Missing Out
LONG = Margin bull position
MOON = Price will explode up
OTC = Over The Counter
SAJ CANDLE = Huge green candle
SHORT = Margin bear position
REKT = Had a bad loss
REVERSE INDICATOR = Someone who is always wrong predicting price movements.
(For complete cryptoslang see – )

Handy Websites:

Trading Communities

  • (trading training)
  • (forum)
  • @Crypto (telegram)
  • (webchat)
  • For Voice Chat including Discord & Teamspeak links check the coinsole links on


  • Use 2FA on all accounts
  • Add pin only access to your mobile phone provider
  • 2FA on all email accounts
  • Enable 2FA on withdrawals & trades if possible

Information: Trading on others advice is the best way to lose money, yes there are respected names in the industry but even they get it wrong. If you’re new, its best to paper trade (trade without real money) if you can prove you make money consistently over time, you’re ready to trade with real money. Margin trading is for people who know what they’re doing, if you dont, its the quickest money you will ever lose.

Beware of EXPERTS that claim “I’m always right!

We see many supposed crypto “experts” or “traders”, let’s call them this way, who like to declare that they are always right. Always.

First of all, it’s mathematically impossible. No way you will be always right in the long run, even if you are the guru of TA or FA. Especially when we talk about TA. You have to realize that TA only says what’s more likely to happen. Trading is about probabilities and money management. But let’s get back to those “always winning experts”.
Don’t you make fun of them when they post their charts with two arrows up & down? We do. Especially after the price action when they say that they were right.

⚠️ Be cautious with these “experts. There are so many of them over the Telegram and Trading View! Do not follow their recommendations, because:

  • Firstly, it’s hard to figure out which direction they expect the market to go (due to their ambiguous analysis)
  • Secondly, if they give an analysis, you follow it and the market goes in the opposite direction, you will lose your money, but that “expert” will write that he was right again and predicted the move perfectly.

!Warning & Disclaimer!

  • Cloud mining sites are largely scams.
  • Pump & Dump groups are scams
  • All HYIP’s & MLM’s are scams, you will get banned from all groups if you are found participating or sharing HYIP/MLM links, dont make money out of scamming others, learn to trade.
  • There are scammers posing as well known members on telegram private messaging people asking for money, DONT SEND!
  • Dont open files posted in these groups
  • Careful about clicking on 3rd party links, these can easily be malicious.
  • All advice given here is to be taken at own risk, we have no affiliation with any exchange & exchanges can be hacked. If an exchange gets hacked, your funds could be lost with no recourse, so be careful.

Crypto Bookmarks

LinkDescriptionNote Capitalisation Cap and wedges Charts stats Dance, graphs and chart stats Most private search engine charts
LinkDescriptionNote predicton tool to 1million Ongoing Obituaries

LinksDescription Shapeshift converts, social trading – Social Trading Exchange (no crypto cashout)

Crypto slang

List of the most widespread acronyms in the cryptocurrency community


Hodl (/ˈhɒdəl/ HOD-əl; often written HODL) is slang in for holding the cryptocurrency rather than selling it. It originated in a December 2013 post on the Bitcoin Forum message board by an apparently inebriated user who posted with a typo in the subject, “I AM HODLING.” Also is a backronim of – “Hold on for dear life.”


FUD is Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (often spread on social media or mass media). FUD can cause the price of a coin to drop, not based on fundamentals or charts, but based on bad news that spreads around social media. Many times the bad news isn’t substantiated or grounded in reality, and instead ends up being something silly like a popular talking head’s opinion that Bitcoin is a bubble. The fear, uncertainty, and doubt-inducing idea being spread around media can be referred to as FUD.


FOMO is a more personal thing. Its the fear of missing out on something that others are enjoying (for example the fear of missing out on Bitcoin gains while others are picking out their Lambos). FOMO might drive you to buy into a coin, not take profits on a coin, or not to set stops on a coin that has already gone up considerably. It is the idea you get in your head that rational profit taking or waiting for a reentry point now will result in you missing out. This fear of missing out is what causes people to buy at the top or hold during a dip after making profits (only to lose some or all of their profits again). People can be said to get FOMO when they act on impulse due to the fear of missing out.
(A coin is pumping and you get the feeling it’s gonna pump more, so you buy high)

As in most walks of life, in cryptocurrency trading specifically, neither FUD nor FOMO is your friend. Since this is a cryptocurrency site, let’s discuss how FUD and FOMO relate to crypto.


BTFD “Buy The Fucking Dip” – When people are running around and selling because of fear, this is the time to buy.


ATH. Short form for “All-Time High”. Therefore it means the highest historical price of a specific coin.


Moon. Extreme bullish movement of a coin.


Whale. A huge player who has a substantial amount of capital. Whales are said to have the ability to be market movers for small alt-coins too due to their huge capital.


PUMP. Upward price movement (artificially pulled up)


DUMP. To Sell off a coin


Dumping. Downward price movement

Pump and Dump

Pump and Dump. The recurring cycle of an Altcoin getting a spike in price followed by a huge crash. Such movements are often attributed to low volume, hence the ‘pump’. Traders who pump, buying huge volumes, may wish to invoke FOMO from the uninformed investors and then dump, or sell, their coins at a higher price.


REKT. When you have a bad loss


Shill. The act of unsolicited endorsing of the coin in public. Traders who bought a coin has an interest in shilling the coin, in hopes of igniting the public’s interest in that particular coin.

Bag Holder

Bag Holder. A person who buys and hold coins in large quantity hoping to make good profits in the future. A term to refer to a trader who bought in at a high and missed his opportunity to sell, leaving him with worthless coins. Also in negative sense: “A person convinced to hold bags of worthless assets dumped by the last whales exiting an illiquid market.”


ASHDRAKED. A situation where you lost all your money.


BEAR/BEARISH. Negative price movement


BULL/BULLISH. Positive price movement


Dildo Long green or red candles


DYOR. Do Your Own Research


FA. Fundamental Analysis


CANDLE. Huge green candle


OTC. Over The Counter

Margin Trading

Margin Trading. A term for ‘trading with leverage’. In this instance of trading, you borrow one side of the trading pair at an agreed loan rate and sell it for the other side of the trading pair. Depending on the direction you believe the market to move, you may place a long or a short bet on the trading pair of concern.


Long. A position that a trader takes. To take a long position on something is to believe its value will rise in the future. Margin bull position


Short. A position that a trader takes. To take a short position on a coin is to believe its value will fall in the future. Margin bear position.

Limit Order

Limit Order. An order placed at a future price that will execute when the price target is hit.

Borrowing Rate

Borrowing Rate. When you open a leveraged position, you will be borrowing coins at a pre-determined rate. This rate will be added to reflect your position’s overall profit and loss.

Lending Rate

Lending Rate. Some exchanges have lending accounts. You may deposit your coins into these lending accounts to lend your coins for others to execute their leveraged trades. The lending rate fluctuates throughout the day based on the demand for shorting the coin.

Fill or Kill

Fill or Kill. A limit order that will not execute unless an opposite order exceeds this limit order’s amount.

BUY | SELL Wall.

BUY | SELL Wall. A wall as seen in the depth chart of exchanges is an amalgamation of limit orders of the same price target.


MCAP. Market Capitalization


DCA. Dollar-cost averaging is an investment technique of buying a fixed dollar amount of a particular investment on a regular schedule, regardless of the unit price. The investor purchases more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high.
It’s an investment strategy with the goal of reducing the impact of volatility on large purchases of financial assets such as equities and can bi valid for crypto as well.


Altcoin. “Alternate coin” so it is everything other than Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin is the main index for cryptocurrency market. If BTC goes up, other coins go up. If BTC goes down, other coins go down.


Shitcoin. A coin with no potential value or use. Where altcoins are alternative cryptocurrencies in various forms shitcoins are investment vehicles. ICOs. They can have potential value and still be a shitcoin. They are a token rather than the underlying cryptocurrency they run on and thus are categorised separately to altcoins.

Circulating Supply

Circulating Supply. The price of a coin has no meaning on its own. However, the price of a coin, when multiplied by the circulating supply, gives the coin’s market cap.

Market Cap

Market Cap. A stock’s market cap refers to the market value of the company’s outstanding shares.
In the cryptocurrency market, the market cap is used to illustrate a coin’s dominance in the entire cryptocurrency market.


DDOS. Short form for ‘Distributed Denial of Service’.
A well-timed DDoS attack at exchanges during volatile movements may be devastating as traders will not be able to execute any order manually and will be at the mercy of their pre-set, or the lack of, limit orders.


ICO. Short form for “Initial Coin Offering”, which takes a page from the usual IPOs investors know.
Coins bought during ICOs are usually sold for a profit when the coin first hits exchanges. This is due to the initial hype which increases demand for the coin.
On the supply side, ICOs create entry barriers as the buyer has to set up his private wallet to receive the coins from the ICO purchase.


Arbitrage. The act of buying and selling on different exchanges to earn the difference in the spread. Arbitrage opportunities occur due to differences in exchange reputation, community coin preferences and ease of bank funding.
Take note that fees, limits and prices could change anytime when you are transferring your coins between exchanges, especially during volatile times.

Weak Hands

Weak Hands. Those who cannot be patient and sell at loss when the market is down.


Swing. Zig zag price movement (Upwards and downwards)


TA. Technical Analysis

Reverse Indicator

Reverse Indicator. Someone who is always wrong predicting price movements.


RSI. Relative Strength Index


Safu. A term used to denote ‘Safe’ in cryptosphere.The very first time someone used this term (Safu) was by Bizonnaci YouTube channel, where the YouTuber made this funny video after the Binance CEO tweeted in July 2018 saying ‘Funds are safe.’ But this somehow got turned into a crypto meme and crypto slang.

Crypto Advice 2019

Even as a hodler checking the price so often that it feels like a bumpy road! Possibly The end flag for trade should be below the start point. If you’ve bought in Sept2017 up to now (mid-June2019) you would be in profit of some 13%. Interesting its actually almost identical to the total return of the sp500 since sept 2017. Only sp500 you don’t have this rollercoaster bullshit. Note: In a real recession things can still get nasty, check 2008 ftse dropped 50%, s&p -45% in the span of a few months. If you’ve had the experience of holding through the roller coaster it makes a SP500 market correction of 10 percent laughable insignificant .
HODL does not have any arrival flag!
TRADE has several arrival flags everyday!
The advantage of trading is it minimizes your loses once the peak is in, assuming your strategy is to sell the “lower lows” and buy once the stabilization is leading towards higher highs. If the stabilization never happens you’re already out before the falling knife logic comes in. That said, I believe in BTC enough to keep the house money in hold mode for now.
Overall, the end flag is we’re rich : )
For the acronims below please check the cryptoslang post at

Theres a list of advices one should follow for higher rewards:

  • Why not buy and sell with 50% of your holdings and hodl the rest. Then u can make even more moniessssssssss
  • Taking some profits at certain levels
  • It’s important to understand that trading has the potential to bring more gains than just hodling, but at the cost of a bumpy road. But it also has the potential to bring major losses.
    That’s why it should show two flags in the trade box (of image above). One way up and one way below the starting line.
  • If you want short term gains you can manage it if you are lucky enough to time it right. If not then you can easily lose money.
    If you want long term gains, even if you don’t time it right you can eventually make a fair profit despite volatility and price swings.
  • Do not go all in. Buy slow. You wil eventually see a fat ass 50% dip and pimp it with more cash!
  • Here’s a sample: Buy 1k every week, if the price dump buy 2k, if dump more bought more.
  • Most important: When Bitcoin goes up sell slowly. When Bitcoin goes down buy slowly. This makes Bitcoin stronger and you richer. Trying to maximize personal gain will have the markets destroy you. If you seek collective gain, it means you see the value of Bitcoin and deserve to make the gains you’re going to make over time. Buy dips and hold rises which is what causes the market to go up over time for all of us.
  • Other important note: We are 11 months away from halving. Keep slowly buying, you’ll thank yourself in 2021.
  • Beware the advice that insisting I should sell at $3500 because it is “going to 0” – get it out of your head.
  • DCA is for folks with periodic income and limited “play” money, to set aside predictable amount.
    DCA is not a good entry strategy if you have a set waddle of cash to buy. Having $ in an exchange isn’t great practice, parked cash just tickles your worst trading impulses and pretty soon, you’re trading based on bogus hourly moves.
    If you intend to HODL, just buy in and HODL. Do DCA to accumulate as more play $ becomes available. In 5-10 years, stories from HODL’ers that began accumulating in last 2 yrs or so, will likely sound very similar.
    If you’re nervous about entry price, this is probably not play money, or you’re still training your HODL muscles. Just buy what you won’t need in next 3 yrs, or and amount that won’t trigger you to panic sell if the coin drops 30-50% in next 6 months.
  • Some have noticed that the price falls when it stops growing and it stays around same number for few days. “I was right three times now then I made a mistake when I didn’t sell after it quicky rose very high and then fell deep in minutes. And the assumed, nah, it will stabilise…”
  • Anothre says “I’ve followed more of a 2-3 “knocks” on support/resistance rule (minimum of a week of chart data). If you look at the yearly chart you’ll see the reverse effect before it broke down from 6k to ~3k (months of lower highs knocking on 6k). Then after that, months at 3k where it kept knocking at 4k with higher lows until it popped. Similar logic happened on a weekly timescale in May at ~8k.
    It’s one of the most simple indicators there is with charts, and it’s actually proving the demand level as compared to seeing mythical creatures (aka “barts”) in charts.”
  • If you’re not a trader at heart then automatic bot trading (Cryptobot) or copy trading (Etoro) would make you feel relax!

Few notes on Margin Trading:

  • It looks simple but reality is aBumpy road, a general uptrend, get margin called, lose everything. Don’t be that guy. Avoid Margin (leverage) trading as hell.
  • If you are new and don’t realize the exchanges run bots themselves to liquidate short and long positions, you are going to get rekt! Don’t use margin in this highly manipulated market!
  • Margin trading is gambling and getting 99% rekted by bots
  • If you don’t already have a lot of trading experience, stay away from margin. Even with trading experience it’s easy to get rekt. you can be careful and smart and still get burned by stop hunts, random barts, and slow bleed from leverage rates. Bots are relentless.
  • That being said, you can also make a lot of money. the best way to learn is by doing. find a sandbox exchange (I think bitmex offers trading on a testnet?) or risk a little real “play” money you’re prepared to lose, because you will lose at first.

Some of us bought a car with Bitcoin money in 2014, They could’ve bought 30 of that same car in 2017 for the same amount of bitcoin. Learned my lesson. Hodl a bit.
Hopefully you can say the same in 3 years from now

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