WebTools and web services

List of handy Webtools, websites and links.
Centralops, Whois5
DigWebInterface Dig, Dns, Domain5
Domain tools, Whois5
Domain toolshttp://www.viewdns.infoDNS5
Domain toolshttp://FixYourIP.comDNS4
Domain toolshttp://mega-check.comDNS4
Domain tools Lookup, Whois, BL, ports, headers4
Domain Toolkit, Network tool4
MX Toolbox; Supertool, tcp, https, blacklist, smtp, trace, etc1
Domain Toolkithttp://www.intodns.comDNS, Multi reports4
SPF query query
Toolkithttps://bgp.he.netBGP toolkit3
Pingabilityhttp://pingability.comMonitor and downtime3
Hex colours
What is my IP DNS Lookup Tool 4
DNS Checker, multilocation5
DNSWatch Dossier4
Luxsci Domain check5
Emailstuff, Email, dmarc5
DNS DNS checker4
DNS Spy , Monitor, validate and verify 4
Whois lookup4
Geolocation – Geolocation IP checker 4
Domain DKIM checks 4
Domain DKIM, DKIM4
Domain DKIM, Dmarc Inspect 4
Domain Dmarc, DKIM, Dmarc Analyzer4
Debouncer Blacklist checks 4
Mail Blacklist Blacklist checks 4
Spamcop Blacklist checks 3
SSL Certificate Tools Certificate Tools4
SSL Labs full SSL review validator and ciphers5
Digicert Website SSL Diagnostics;4
Digicert Security and SSL/CSR checker;4
SSL and Chrome, distrust check, for Chrome 70+4
Geocert checker4
SSL, Email, TLS , multiple checks checker4
Free tools, basic SSL/CSR checks checker4
SSL tools tools4
SSL For Free – Completely free! certs5
Free SSL generation; Check SSL/CSR certs4
Analyze Responce Headers
Analyze Responce Headershttp://securityheaders.ioHeaders5
HTTP Header Checker Checker5
Message Headers Headers5
Message Header Analyzer
Message Header Analyzer
WorldTimeBuddy Difference5
Time.is clock3
Virustotal – Virus Checks analysis5
MetaDefender Cloud check4
Jotti check4
Fortiguard Scanner Online4
Kasperski File checker4
Https redirects Status checks5
Robots check4
Robots examples check4
Robots check4
Robbots Twitter Robots check4
SSL Security Test, SSL test4
Crypto checks, Cryptography checks4
Amazon AWS AWS5
Cloud Portal Azure Portal4
MS Cloud , Azurehttps://account.windowsazure.comAzure Account Center 4
MS Cloud, AAD admin center4
MS Cloud, Azure to a tenant AAD 4
MS Cloud, Portal O365 Portal4
MS Cloud, O365 login4
MS Cloud, OWA Office Web App (OWA) 4
MS Cloud, Onedrive
MS Cloud, MSD admin Microsoft 365 admin center (pre H2/2019) 4
MS Cloud, O365 admin NEW Microsoft 365 admin center 4
MS Cloud, MSD MS Dynamics4
MS Cloud, MSD admin (MSD) 4
MS Cloud, PowerBI
MS Cloud, Help Help4
Atlassian, Modern view4
Atlassian, Legacy view4
MS Dynamics Modern View4
MS Dynamics View, for admins 4
Domains Registrars, cheap, bitpay5
Domains Registrars Registrar, many tLDs4
Domains Registrars, auctions too3
Domains Registrars Registrar, auctions3
Domains Registrars
Domains Registrars, many tLDs3
Domains Registrars Auctions4
Domains Registrars domains grab5
Crypto News
Crypto news
Crypto news
Crypto news
Crypto news
Crypto news 4
Crypto news news 4
Crypto news FX3
Crypto news
Crypto news Capitalisation5
Crypto Stats Cap and wedges5
Crypto Stats Charts4
Crypto Statshttps://bitcointicker.coTicker stats4
Crypto Stats 4
Crypto Stats Dance, graphs and chart5
Crypto Stats
Crypto Stats private search engine3
Crypto Stats
Crypto Stats charts5
Crypto fun predicton tool to $1mil4
Crypto fun Ongoing Obituaries5
Crypto Excahngeshttps://www.coinbase.comCoinbase3
Crypto Excahnges excanging5
Crypto Excahngeshttps://www.bitmex.comBitmex5
Crypto Excahnges
Crypto Excahnges
Crypto Excahnges, social trading4
Crypto Excahnges – Social Trading Exchange (no crypto cashout)4
Crypto Excahnges
Crypto Twitter
Crypto Twitter
Crypto Twitter Coinmetrics.comTwitter chanel3
WebPageTest, performance tests3
Crypto DataMish, statshttp://datamish.comcrypto info3
Crypto Whale Alerts alerts, big transfers and moves3
Anonymous files uploadhttps://anonfile.comanon uploads5
Anonymous files upload uploads
Anonymous files upload uploads4
Anonymous image upload images, with expiry date5
Email Validator email inbox3
Email Validator email inbox4
Email Server check Email, Starttls4
Can I use? browser support4
Wiki of TLS, browser support 5
Have I been pawned email check5
Ghostproject email check3
check your email email check4
leak database email check4
Latest email Leaks email check4
Hacked passwords email check4
Hacked emails email check4
Dehashed, emails email check4
Strip HTML tags tags remove3
Exif view remove remover3
Full emji list emji list2
Hash decrypt is a hash lookup service4
Hex binary convert binary convert3
MD crypt decrypt crypt decrypt3
Hash crypt decrypt dehash3
MathTools math utilities and tools4
TechURLs news aggregator. Headlines, technology3
Math URLs news aggregator. Headlines, Maths3
Financial URLs news aggregator. Headlines, Finance3
TLD-list, compare, domains5
Ping Tools 3
dpi resolution pixel resolution4
dpi resolution pixel resolution4
Aspect ratio

Portable Executables and some Installables

Recommended List of useful Online and Offline tools
SoftetherVPN poject
MS Office
Foxit Advanced PDF Editor 3.05
ShareX, screencapture and more
XCA - SSL Management tool, SSL ,CSR, RSA, DSA, PFX, PEM
10+ Essential IP tools for Admins. DNS Audit, Network, WMI
Total Commander
ABBYY 14 – OCR Project
Autoruns, WMI and auto startup
Cryping, command line extended ping
Daphne - system tool
Easy Robocopy
FastStone, image viewer and editor Portablefree5
qBittorrent , Best Bittorrent client
Terminals, RDP manager and network tools
TCP View
WinCDEmu – ISO emulator
Teracopy, better copying
IIS Crypto - IIS Crypto, manage protocols, ciphers, hashes
BareGrep (also BareTail)
SageLinks, SymLinks, HardLinks
NTFSViewLinks, SymLinks, Hardlinks, etc
Lastpass, passwords
Enpass, passwords
Keepass, password safe, opensource
BeCyPDFMetaEdit, edit pdf metadata
MobaXterm, Linux terminal SSL client
Putty, Linux terminal. SSH client
Hash Manager, change any file hash
Gimp, image editor
HeidiSQL, SQL client
pgAdmin, postgress client
Sumatra, PDF reader
WildRename, wildcard rename utility
WildReplace, wildcard replace utility
WinDJViewer, djv viewer
GIT for windows, SSH terminal for Win
FileMenuTools, edit explorer menus
Mozilla Firefox, browser
Chrome, browser
Opera, browser
MouseEmu, emulate mouse with keyboard
Autohotkeys. Key emulator
NeatMouse, emulate mouse with keyboard
Babun, Windows shell you will love (Discontinued)
Calibre, Ebook management (can be portable)free5
Clavie, keyborad shortcuts
Angry IP scanner, IP range scan
PingInfoView, advanced ping tool
Advanced IP Scanner, network LAN scanner